10 tips for getting started with digital lead management Display contents

The digital transformation puts all the internal and external processes of a company to the test. How should a company be set up in 2016 to operate successfully in an increasingly digitised world? This question of course also concerns the marketing department: The changed buying behaviour of potential customers, the growing number of communication channels and the changing laws on handling personal data make it increasingly difficult to attract new customers. The heart of any modern marketing strategy is therefore professional lead management in conjunction with efficient e-mail marketing.

  1. Define your target customers.
  2. Create persona-relevant content.
  3. Offer your content.
  4. Leverage the support provided by software from the very beginning.
  5. Turn prospects into customers.
  6. Leverage collected data for personalisation.
  7. Find out where your leads are.
  8. Pass on mature leads to Sales.
Measure and monitor your success.
Protect your leads’ personal information.

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