EVALANCHE compliant with new DDV code of honour

On 23 February 2011, the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV) issued a new and extended code of honour for e-mail marketing. With EVALANCHE, SC-Networks was one of the first companies to commit to this joint understanding of ethical principles in dialogue marketing.

The new code of honour describes the legally compliant framework for e-mail marketing in Germany.

  • In whatever form, consent for e-mailing and address collection must be obtained in order to ensure that nobody receives unwanted e-mails?
  • What additional rules need to be complied with if addresses are collected via the co-sponsoring procedure?
  • How simple do the deregistration and revocation of the consent to send e-mails have to be?
  • What formal requirements are to be met with regard to the content of the e-mails?
  • What rules apply for data processing and data protection?

By signing the code of honour, SC-Networks is consolidating its position as a reputable and innovative premium e-mail service provider and is signalling to the more than 800 companies that use EVALANCHE that, as users of EVALANCHE, they advocate responsible dialogue.

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