EVALANCHE: synchronous with CRM and Co. at all times

An end to stand-alone solutions

The connection of e-mail marketing solutions to the company’s own database is an absolute must for companies. Customer data in the CRM, in shops and e-mail marketing should not have a life of their own. EVALANCHE synchronises customer data in line with cycles and in real time with your requirements.

High-performance connectors are realised together with strategic partners in the CRM and shop areas.

Standardised procedures

The goal at all times was to design EVALANCHE so that it is open for networking with partner systems.

The result can be seen: via configurable connectors and secured interfaces XML / RPC and SOAP – with bidirectional synchronisation, EVALANCHE can easily exchange data with a large number of applications.


We are currently working on connectors for the data synchronisation of EVALANCHE with the following CRM and shop systems:

SAP CRM, Salesforce, Sage, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Update7, Dymatrix, Magento and Oxid.

Premium benefit

seamless integration into existing system environments

synchronised changed contacts in a definable interval

fast, without time-consuming export and import

back synchronisation of sign-offs for prompt analyses

dynamic mapping  for synchronisation at any point in time

maximum transmission reliability via SSL between the servers

redundant-free data without additional effort

fewer sources of error and security risks through automated transmission

high flexibility via parametrisable synchronisation

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