Online business at Ahrens+Sieberz is growing thanks to its email marketing with EVALANCHE

Ahrens+Sieberz, one of Europe’s leading mail order plant companies, has chosen EVALANCHE to bolster its online business. Using modern e-mail marketing, the company now sends out information regularly in newsletters along with the company’s diverse range of plants.

Customers receive valuable gardening tips from experts, tips on the right time to plant and links to special seasonal deals. The aim is to achieve a lasting increase in online business.

The special features of the project include a flexible configuration of buttons, which are automatically placed over the appropriate product pictures (button on picture). The editor does not have to work with a separate image editing program and can instead configure the desired settings using the graphical user interface in EVALANCHE. Patrick Kaiser, Manager of Marketing and eCommerce at Ahrens+Sieberz, relates his first experiences working with EVALANCHE: “We decided to go with EVALANCHE because it does the best job meeting all our needs for the efficient management of our international business newsletters. EVALANCHE is very easy to use and extends the coverage of our campaigns by taking advantage of cross-media delivery. The integrated multi-language, multi-client capability is essential for us. We will begin by sending out emailings to our customers in Germany and Austria. In 2012, we will be expanding the scope of our campaign to other European countries.”

Patrick Kaiser
Patrick Kaiser
Manager of Marketing & E-Commerce

About Ahrens+Sieberz
Ahrens+Sieberz GmbH & Co. KG is based in Siegburg, Germany. The company has over 50 years of experience and is one of the leading mail order plant companies in Europe. Ahrens+Sieberz owns over 10,000 square meters of covered space and large outdoor spaces where it offers gardeners everything their hearts desire: Plants, trees, shrubs, roses, flowers and exotic plants as well as tools, maintenance products, furniture, grills, decorative items, pond décor and much more. Ahrens+Sieberz sells its customers only plants of the best quality through its online shops in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania.

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