SC-Networks honored for its innovative ideas

Ranga Yogeshwar honors the most innovative medium-sized companies/SC-Networks GmbH in Starnberg is one of the “Top 100”
Starnberg – They possess excellent inventive talent and exemplary innovation processes, and they successfully bridge the gap between idea and market success: the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. On June 22 in Friedrichshafen, Ranga Yogeshwar presents them with the “Top 100” quality seal. The Starnberg-based company SC-Networks GmbH is one of the awardees.

Innovations are the elixir of life for the service and software provider founded in 1999. “As a small owner-managed company we only have a chance to compete with the big players if we constantly introduce new ideas to the market,” explains marketing and sales director Martin Philipp. The recent history of the Starnberg company shows how important this can be. In 2006, the company focused exclusively on the development and distribution of web-based solutions for marketing communication via e-mail. Today, the powerhouse for new ideas, with its 24 employees, is the leading innovator in this market segment and has offices in Austria and Switzerland.
SC-Networks’ success was possible particularly due to the special climate of innovation within the company. The executives perceive themselves mainly as coaches, not bosses, and encourage the employees and their ideas. The result: “Employees are willing to take responsibility and participate actively as ‘co-entrepreneurs,’” says Martin Philipp.

EVALANCHE, the product of the Starnberg company, reflects the innovative capacity very well. The application not only covers all aspects of sending e-mails and newsletters, but makes accessible to the users all channels of modern communication – whether as newsletter, podcast, MPEG3, RSS, PDF or via mobile applications.
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team at the Vienna University of Economics have examined the innovation management of 281 medium-sized enterprises. The best of them will receive the “Top 100” quality seal. Marketing and sales director Martin Philipp is happy about the distinction and emphasizes the team effort: “Both the ingenuity and creativity of our highly motivated employees is truly exceptional. I am very proud to achieve such innovation and productivity with our small team. However, the optimally coordinated processes through which we achieve the highest possible efficiency also contribute to our success.”

In cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics, compamedia honors a total of 116 companies (a maximum of 100 in each of the three categories). These include 51 national market leaders and 20 global market leaders. In 2011, all companies combined achieved a turnover of approximately € 8.1 billion. In the past three years, 100 of these achieved an average growth of 20 percentage points above the industry average. In 2011, the medium-sized companies invested € 623 million in research and development as well as innovation processes. The companies plan to hire nearly 6,000 employees over the next three years, equivalent to a staff increase of 12%.

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