Certification programme

EVALANCHE is known for its excellent technologies and decades of accumulated know-how in e-mail marketing. The new certification program is focused on adding value for our partners and their success. These are achieved by providing the latest technologies, bundled know-how and extensive information flows.

EVALANCHE Certificate

Our certification programme allows you to stand out among other agencies as certified EVALANCHE partners or premium partners, and yields a host of benefits. You benefit from information, support and marketing. This ensures concerted cooperation tailored closely to customer needs, from which all parties benefit equally: satisfied customers!

1-2-3 Requirements

  • Min. 1 year experience with EVALANCHE
  • Min. 2 staff members who have finished admin training
  • Min. 3 customers managed using EVALANCHE

Last training session held no more than 6 months ago

Your benefits

For certified EVALANCHE partners we activate the functionalities for developing individual article types and content field configurations. These ‘power gadgets’ give you a definite competitive advantage. Your benefits include regular information about new functionalities and previews/news of upcoming enhancements. As a partner, you are also able to propose and work out new EVALANCHE functionalities based on the release note. For any questions, you can get in touch with your contact individual at any time, either by e-mail or by phone. Your inquiries are handled with priority due to your status as an EVALANCHE partner, and your company’s name, logo and a brief profile are placed on our website. Because of your certified EVALANCHE expertise you enjoy priority lead forwarding.